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Red Eye update now available

05 Apr 2020

Hello again! I’ve been busy this week and just released another update, this time for Red Eye. The new version (1.1) includes a number of minor bug fixes. More importantly, it now requires macOS 10.14 and above. You can download it here.

iPaint uPaint updated for iOS 13

26 Sep 2019

I just pushed an update to iPaint uPaint with support for iOS 13 and Dark Mode. I also simplified the settings screen. This is a minor update and should download automatically the next time your device updates. Enjoy!

Welcome to our micro blog!

11 Sep 2019

Hey there! I’m launching a micro blog today. I’ll be using this feed to post news about what I’m up to, updates to existing apps, announcements about new apps, and more. All posts will be quick and brief. You can subscribe via RSS, Atom, JSON Feed, or follow us on Twitter. Stay tuned!